In Moscow, the regime of self-isolation for public organizations has been canceled

In Moscow, the regime of self-isolation for public organizations has been canceled

On June 9, 2020, all employees of the ROGWU staff returned to fulfilling their duties in full-time mode.

This became possible after the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, abolished the city’s self-isolation regime since March 29 to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Removing restrictive measures, albeit phased, was made possible due to a decrease in the dynamics in the number of patients with coronavirus in Moscow. For a whole week, these figures do not exceed 2 thousand people. That is why the city authorities announced the removal of restrictions on the work of a number of enterprises, including public organizations, which include trade unions.

Moreover, as noted in the published decree of the mayor, the timing of lifting restrictions in Moscow can be changed in accordance with the epidemiological situation in the city. The mayor informed that the decision to remove the remaining restrictions would be made additionally. ‘We will not forget that the likelihood of covid19 has decreased, but still exists. We must constantly monitor the situation and prevent a new outbreak of the epidemic,’ the mayor said. Sobyanin called on citizens to ‘continue to respect the regime of self-preservation and respect for others,’ and open enterprises to strictly comply with the requirements of sanitary services. ‘Take care of yourself and your loved ones, friends! The fight is not over yet. Nevertheless, I want to congratulate you on our next common victory and a big step towards the return of a full life,’ he concluded.