World day for safety and health

World day for safety and health

Labor protection is one of the main activities of the Trade Union, the purpose of which is to protect the right of members of the Trade Union to healthy and safe working conditions.

Fulfillment of labor protection requirements is carried out at all production stages of the organization’s work, and it is difficult to imagine an enterprise where there would not be a specialist in such areas as labor protection - and unions take on one of the main functions to control the provision of safe working conditions.

A particularly important part of this control is the labor protection commissioners. Through their work, they not only promptly identify facts of violation of labor protection requirements and control over the provision of safe working conditions, but also for the most part carry a warning function both to the employer and to their colleagues in the team, workshop, work collective, about the need to comply with all norms and requirements of labor protection. This work helps to reduce injuries and industrial accidents.

The ROGWU congratulates all specialists responsible for labor protection on their professional holiday. We wish you a calm working day.