Dear Colleagues!

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the ROGWU and myself, let me congratulate you on the main holiday of all workers - May Day, International Workers' Solidarity Day!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on May Day - the holiday of spring and labor! May 1 is a holiday for everyone who, with their daily work, creates tomorrow, the prosperity and well-being of their country and their family. This holiday is equally loved by all generations, and can rightly be considered a folk. Time fills it with new content. For people of the older generation, May 1, symbolizes proletarian solidarity, for young people - the spring flowering, building up the power of nature and man. But this date is united by all who fill each day with their fruitful work.

No matter how the May Day is renamed its significance for different generations  remain and it is always a bright holiday of Spring and Labor for all of us. These two concepts will never lose their significance. From spring, which sets a new rhythm of life, we always expect good changes, we associate hopes for renewal with it. And we know firmly that only through hard work can our future the well-being of everyone be created. Respect for working people is the basis of our plans and intentions.

Protecting the rights and interests of both labor collectives and each member of the Trade Union is one of the fundamental tasks of the ROGWU. May Day is a great opportunity for all of us to show solidarity and unity, to show our common desire for stability, prosperity, happiness and sustainable development of the country. Together - we are force. I am sure that this slogan will never lose its relevance for the trade union movement.

With all my heart I wish you a good holiday mood on this day. As many good and clear days in your life as possible. So that children and loved ones rejoice, so that things develop as well as possible and bring good fruits. Health, happiness and all the best to you and your loved ones!