Where the Future Trade Union Leaders Are Trained

Where the Future Trade Union Leaders Are Trained

During a business trip to the Northern capital, the ROGWU President Aleksandr Korchagin visited the Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian Trade Union University.

During his visit, the Trade Union leader was offered a tour of the facility, showcasing the rooms, the gym, the concert hall and the library, informing of the specialists invited to lecture the students.

Afterwards was a meeting with the university dean Alexander Zapesotskiy in which Aleksandr Korchagin overviewed the aims of the Trade Union activity, emphasizing the importance of cooperation with another trade union university – the Academy of Labor and Social Relations.

In return, the dean introduced his guest to the university’s history of education and main curricula.
The visit concluded with an agreement on future cooperation between ROGWU and Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian Trade Union University and mutual effort to prepare future trade union executives and employees.